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This blog is mostly for fun (as understood by a historian whose fields of expertise include social and cultural history in the late medieval and early modern period). Entries focus mostly on issues and events connected to history, culture, society and miscellanea. Short summaries in English and Swedish are included every now and then (please see categories ”In English” and ”På svenska”).

Every now and then, I try to update these pages in order to offer some more information about my research focusing on late medieval and early modern gender history and social history. You can take a look at the Curriculum Vitae and List of Publications in English or check my previous homepage for short summaries about research etc. (Please see

You can also read something almost completely different: Ultra-Condensed Pride and Prejudice as interpreted by the undersigned.

Anu Lahtinen (PhD, European Doctorate), is Professor of Finnish and Nordic History at the University of Helsinki (2017-2020), and an alumni fellow of Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies.  She has the title of docent, equalling something like Associate Professor, in Finnish History, University of Turku, as well as in Finnish and Nordic History, University of Helsinki. In 2013-2016, she was mainly occupied writing the history of the City of Hyvinkää, and she has been in researcher and teacher positions at the Universities of Turku and Helsinki for most of her academic career. In 2016-2020, she is also the Editor-in-Chief of Historiallinen aikakauskirja (Historical Journal) and, for the period of 2016-2022, the Chair of the board of Tilaushistoriakeskus (Centre for commissioned history projects).


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