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I have selected here some information about recent publications and publications available in the internet. Please see also

April 2017: My short popular article ”The Women of North and the European Civilisation”  in the booklet ”In the Footsteps of Queen Christina” is now available online in Finnish, Swedish and English (links below). Enjoy!


Cultures of Death and Dying in Medieval and Early Modern Europe. Edited by Mia Korpiola and Anu Lahtinen (with Introduction by Korpiola & Lahtinen). COLLeGIUM vol. 18 (May 2015). Open access at

The Manor and the Villagers. Property Disputes between the Residents of the Sundholm Manor and the Neighbourhood in 16th-century Kalanti (Finland) [An English Summary]. Ennen ja nyt 2013.

The Marriage Process in the Light of Family Correspondence: A Comparative Perspective on the Swedish Evidence. Regional Variations in Matrimonial Law and Custom in Europe, 1150-1600. Ed. Mia Korpiola. Brill, Leiden 2011, 251-273.

Many of my publications are in Finnish or Swedish, such as the new school book series in history (Linkki, WSOY, Helsinki 2010-2011). In 2009, I published a book on Nordic Princesses from the Viking Era to the Renaissance (Pohjolan prinsessat. Viikinkineidoista renessanssiruhtinattariin. Atena Kustannus, Jyväskylä 2009).

My study on the agency of early modern noble women in Sweden (including Finland) was published in Swedish with the title Anpassning, förhandling, motstånd. Kvinnliga aktörer i släkten Fleming 1470-1620, translated by Camilla Frostell, Svenska litteratursällskapet, Helsinki 2009 (in Sweden sold by The Finnish original has been sold out; English summary available at


Lahtinen, Anu & Johannes Staudenmaier: Power and Decision-Making in Early Modern Germany and Sweden: Noble Families and Princely Government. Constructing cultural identity, representing social power. Eds. Cânâ Bilsel, Kim Esmark, Niyazi Kžzžlyürek, Ólafur Rastrick. Cliohres Network of Excellence, Pisa 2010.

A Nobleman’s Death. Power Struggle and Resistance in Accounts of a Political Execution in Early Modern Sweden. Rebellion and Resistance. Ed. Henrik Jensen. Cliohres Network of Excellence, Pisa 2009.

Presence, Absence and Distance. Physical and Mental Local Landscape in Pre-modern Finland. Power and Culture: New Perspectives on Spatiality in European History. Eds. Pieter François, Taina Syrjämaa, Henri Terho. Cliohres Network of Excellence, Pisa 2008.

”There’s No Friend like a Sister”: Sisterly Relations and the Rhetoric of Sisterhood in the Correspondence of the Aristocratic Stenbock Sisters. The Trouble with Ribs: Women, Men and Gender in Early Modern Europe. Eds. Anu Korhonen & Kate Lowe. Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies: Helsinki 2007.

”’A knight from Flanders’.
Noble migration and integration in the North in the late Middle Ages. Immigration and Emigration in Historical Perspective. Eds. Katherine Isaacs & Guðmundur Halfdanarson. Cliohres Network of Excellence, Pisa 2007.

“In Finland I am the MAN!” Gender, Irony and Exoticism in Late Night with Conan O’Brien. History of Stardom Reconsidered.Eds. Kari Kallioniemi, Kimi Kärki, Janne Mäkelä & Hannu Salmi. Online publication, IIPC, Turku 2006.

Past Events and Historical Backgrounds: Persuasive Narratives in Swedish 16th Century Family Archives. History in Words and Images. Ed. Hannu Salmi. Turku 2005.

”Getting Virtually Medieval?” Introduction to the Mirator theme issue 2005.

Budskap bakom retorik: Senmedeltida brev som källmaterial för familjeförhållanden. Ennen ja Nyt 1/2002.

Kari Kallioniemi, Kimi Kärki, Janne Mäkelä & Hannu Salmi


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