Back to Aarhus / Århus 15,5 år senare

An illustrated comparison on two conference visits in Aarhus, 1996 & 2012, with a short commentary in Swedish & English, mainly for Nordsaga veterans hanging out there. The Nordsaga Conferences taught us a lot about Nordic cooperation and conferences, besides of which there was the usual amount of various sturm-und-drang of young human beings to be  experienced.

Denna vecka, på en konferens i Århus, råkade jag läsa min kollegas fil.dr. Eva Ahl-Waris bloggning om inhemskt och nordiskt samarbete under 1990-talet ( Det var  i Århus där det ordnades en nordisk konferens för studenter i historia i november 1996. Legendariska nordiska Nordliv/Nordsaga-konferenser Åbo/Turku 1995, Århus 1996, Reykjavik 1997 & Tromsö 1999 (legendariska för oss deltagare i alla fall) ordnades före allt material började skickas som attachment och före man kunde hitta alla tidtabeller på DB:s sida. Efter hemkomsten letade jag efter bilder och texter om resan 1996. Jag verkar inte ha haft kameran med mig år 1996, men nedan ser ni några bilder och dokument som visar skillnader mellan Århus konferens förr och nu. Det hände också en hel del annat, och Eva berättar lite gran om resor i sin blogg. Som utbytestudent i Uppsala deltog jag inte i den extralegendariska bussresan från och till Finland.

Scanrail 1996, Uppsala – Århus.

Tidtabeller Uppsala – Århus 1996. There was no such thing as the present day

In comparison, glimpses of traveling in 2012: Aarhus Airport.

Was there a Rema 1000 around here in 1996 as well? This one sure looks familiar.

Aarhus University main building, a conference venue (among other buildings) for students of history in 1996. The Ring road offered an element of surprise.

Aula of the University, venue for several key note lectures in 1996. As Eva Ahl-Waris writes in her blog, some participants also cut some lectures, I am afraid I was no exception. I tried to find some notes on lectures, but to no avail. Cannot have skipped all presetations, though.

Is there some light at the end of the tunnel? In 1996, we took this tunnel beneath Nordre Ringgade to have a lunch at the Student House.

In 1996, the conference papers were still sent to Århus as prints or typewrited texts, complete with a typewrited covering letter. Information for participants was also sent via air mail. No conference homepages or ”for latest changes, please see the final programme as an attachment” messages.

Nordsaga Conference Leaflet 1996.

The programme for 1996. It is a pity (I guess) that only a little information survives of the student workshops, their participants and topics. I remember some heated discussions dealing with the role of Denmark in the Union of Kalmar, though.

Judging from this programme of a student conference that was going on in Aarhus in the year 2012 (I did not participate in this one, though), the students of today are more ambitious in their choice of topics.

Old School typewrited ruminations of an anonymous Århus 1996 presentation. The topic ”power” seems to have followed the author ever since.

I am relatively confident that this was the location for the conference party in 1996. The was a student party going to get started in 2012 as well.

Aarhus University, new campus in 2012, place for a meeting for the project Gender and the European Town, the first publication of which seems to have a preliminary existence in Amazon already!

The beautiful entrance to the old Aula in 2012.


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